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09.09 - 25.10.2015

The passing of time was one of the vital concerns of poet Jaime Gil de Biedma. He once mentioned that he wrote poetry so that he would never completely die, and today, on the 25th anniversary of his death, his work remains very much alive.  It is the passing of time that serves as a test to the permanence of literary work. Borges said that that a poet’s success is in direct relation to the degree of enthusiasm or of indifference, of generations of anonymous individuals who put it to test in the privacy of their own libraries. Gil de Biedma undoubtedly passes this ultimate test. He agrees with the popular notion that there is no such thing as aging.

The exhibition En palabras de Jaime Gil de Biedma (In the words of Jaime Gil de Biedma), aims to portray all his glory as a poet and an intellectual. To hear his words, his poetry, his thoughts, all that has made him a unique author, remembered, widely read and reinterpreted through several generations. The exhibition in conversation format, another of his great passions, portrays the purest form of Gil de Biedma. 

imatge expo
cicle Trets enmig del concert
Cristina Lucas ∑ All about color
22-09 - 08.11.2015
planta baixa

Cristina Lucas's All About Color is a project that focuses on plurality as a political condition and draws a comparison between the alleged objectivity of the official historic and cartographic representations and the unlimited subjective interpretations these two aspects provide.
The exhibit's title, as well as the installation of which it forms part –Pantone -500 2007–, alludes to the cartographic code's symbolic use of colour to determine the geopolitical limits of countries, as well as the system of flags which propitiates our collective identity. The exhibition area is inhabited by a series of individuals who, using their bodies and voices, construct narratives which explore the fundamental aspects of state and nation, the borders which delimit them and the flags which set them apart. Each interprets the culture of time and space in their own particular manner, and each, and therefore the spectator, interprets history based of their respective world views. Thus they comprise a fusion of horizons, to quote Hans-Georg Gadamer, which claims that the acquisition and comprehension of knowledge is based on one's cultural, social, economic and historical background.

At microRavals, as regards the exhibit, we take as a starting point the Fribourg Declaration on cultural rights. This text was submitted in 2007 by the Observatory of Diversity and Cultural Rights, in partnership with the International Organisation of La Francophonie and UNESCO, and was backed by over fifty human rights experts and an NGO platform. Based on several articles from the Fribourg Declaration, microRavals works with various cultural communities in the area around Arts Santa Mònica; communities with no visibility or representation in the traditional dominant channels. In this regard, mention must be made of two issues raised by this document: the right to be a producer of culture and not simply a consumer; and that it equates popular culture to the culture of excellence.

Shots in the Middle of the Concert. From correct distance to proximity is a series of exhibitions centred on the work of six artists who set out to engender a critical vision of the reality around them, while reducing the distance between themselves and the issues they raise in their respective projects in order to declare themselves and in one way or another adopt a position by means of their involvement.

Daniela Ortiz

Núria Güell
Frederic Perers

Cristina Lucas
María Ruido

imatge expo
Puppets, Machines and Marionettes
09.10.2015 - 10.01.2016
First floor, Second floor, cloister and residence

The exhibition focuses on otherness through the mediums of puppet theatre, visual theatre and object theatre.
Puppets, as figures that represent the yearnings, struggles and interior realities of human beings, are understood in a very wide sense. This ranges from realistic looking puppets that are made of wood to the conceptual challenges of robots made using synthetic materials.
Unfolding Figures is part of the IF Barcelona - Puppets, Machines and Marionettes, a far reaching event which takes place each year. This year it is based on three main ideas: the exhibition, a programme of shows and scenic devices for adults and all sectors of the public, and a research and development project.
The exhibition is on both floors at Arts Santa Mònica. "The 7 Doors of Otherness" is on the first floor: a thematic journey around seven areas which focuses on the idea of figurative unfolding. "The Puppet Pantry" is on the second floor. This is an exhibition that focuses on the different scopes, techniques and specifications of puppet theatre.
Those that currently work in the creative sector, individual artists, companies and associations have provided a lot of the things that are exhibited. In terms of the very much alive heritage symbolised by puppets, a large part of the things on display come from museums; especially the MAE de l'Institut del Teatre and TOPIC de Tolosa, Guipuzkoa.