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Free guided tour

Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 12pm

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09.09 - 04.10.2015

An artistic installation, the only place where you can hear Love of Lesbian’s unreleased creation, ‘EFÍMERA’. Entering the studio exclusively to record this song, the band has created a virtual reality experience in which each person can embark on an individual journey into the centre of the band’s mind. Love of Lesbian once again goes one step ahead of mass production and offers us a personalized experience.

Without doubt an innovative idea in which the Catalan combo Love of Lesbian aims to take us on a sensorial journey directly to the heart of their minds by composing an unreleased track and recording a 360º video clip
Production company Ooh!Virtual’s creative director, Carlos Zorilla explains, “We have used a 360º recording format using 14 simultaneous cameras to create a unique user experience “. In this case, the idea is based on the mechanisms inside the artist’s mind that search for inspiration in order to create imaginary worlds. The difference is that instead of “seeing” these worlds, thanks to Samsung Gear VR (created by Samsung and Óculus) and this new recording system, we will be able to “immerse ourselves” and navigate directly inside the story.

The whole experience can be enjoyed inside the capsule designed by Paco Lago (Mireandoveo), whose project had been directly chosen (out of other proposals) by the band. “The eye is a traveller that sees everything that passes by, it sees time go by in ephemeral frames”. This is how the creator of the exhibition defines Efímera.

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In conjunction with
29.09 - 01.10.2015 / 16:00 h a 21:00 h
Residence area

TECHNOLOGIES AND SURVEILLANCE is a project led by Antoni Muntadas coordinated by Teresa Martín Ezama and produced in collaboration between Enter Forum and Idensitat. It combines training, debate, and the development of creative micro-projects, based upon a critical perspective and proposals which offer an alternative to mechanisms of control which make use of surveillance technologies in public space.

The workshop "Technologies and surveillance” started at the event Enter Forum 2014. It has been developed in several phases over 2014 and 2015 comprising several meetings of critical review and tutorial content. The nine projects projects generated within the workshop will be presented at an open session on 29 September.

Ricardo Iglesias, Edén
Raúl León Mendoza, Bailar con un zombi
Ana Llorens Bagur, Puntos ciegos Bcn
Adrián Onco, Neurowarketing
Carlos Ortí, Robing Food
Blanca Pujals, Tecnologías especulares. La construcción del miedo y el deseo.
Jaume Simon Contra, Juan Expósito
Romina Subirats Piñana, Contracensura
Isadora Willson Gazmuri, EL almuerzo, diálogos entre inmigrantes en torno a la mesa

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implic/Accions | Cristina Lucas . All about color
21 & 23.09 &, 3 & 24.10.2015

Saturday, 3 October, 1pm.
An approach to the exhibition with journalist and historian Sílvia Marimon.
Free admission. Places are limited.
Ground floor

Saturday, 24 October, 12pm.
Performance Pantone -500 2007, by the students from the Performance Studies class at the Faculty of Fine Arts.
Free admission. Places are limited.
Ground floor

Monday, 21 September, 8-10am.
Presentation of Cristina Lucas's work to students from the Performance Studies class, marking the start of a laboratory to prepare a performance for the exhibit.
Faculty of Fine Arts, UB (c. Adolf Florensa, 8. Barcelona)
Wednesday, 23 September, 7pm.
Conversation between Montse Badia, critic and exhibition curator, and Cristina Lucas.
Free admission. Places are limited.
SCI Catalonia (c. del Carme, 95, baixos. Barcelona)

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La rambla en flor
3 - 7.10.2015
Fašana Arts Santa M˛nica

La Fundació Tot Raval dinamitza a les entitats i veïns i veïnes del Raval per reproduir els balcons del barri a la façana de l'Arts Santa Mònica.

Els balcons del raval amb la seva roba estesa, les seves plantes i flors son un pont entre l'interior de les cases i dels carrers. Els diferents colors mostren la identitat dels habitants del barri. Finestres que reflecteixen el dia a dia, la transformació i el canvi.
Celebrant la festa del roser, reflectim el pas de les camisetes a la flor, flors festives. Recordant el patrimoni cultural dels nostres balcons mediterranis.
La façana del centre d’arts Santa Mónica es converteix en un balcó a on s’estén la roba, invertint el procés, la roba exposada anirà a la intimitat dels habitants del raval, donant-l'hi una segona vida i formant part de les persones.


03.10 / de 09.00 h a 14.00 h. Instal·lació d'elements decoratius.
06.10 / 13.00 h. Concert aperitiu amb la Banda de Música de Cantillana. Sevilla.
04, 05, 06 i 07.10 / d'11.00 h a 13.00 h. Work in progress. Realització de boles de llavors.

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In conjunction with
Arquitectural Views
06.10.2015 / 15:30 h - 21:00 h
lecture room

On one hand, the Catalan Institute of Energy of the Catalan Government that is focused on promoting through actions, and new action plans for research, study and helping as well every action related to the knowledge, development, new energy  systems including renewed energy systems, improvement of savings, promoting the rational use of energy, energy resources management, and the use and management of energy resources in the region.
On the other hand, the professional magazine Habitat Futura  that belongs to Habitat Futura Group that aims to contribute and create a place where different groups help to implement the environmental culture in the building sector, based on the commitment to  sustainable values.
Both entities are collaborating for the next conference " Architectural Views" that will take place next 6th of October together with Arts Santa Mónica and ICEC, hosts of the conferences as well as the collaboration of COAC. "Architectural Views" is the stage where the best professionals of the building sector project from their experience and thanks to case studies, the correct way towards sustainability and the environmental respect. Design, building strategies, innovation and technology, will be offered as a high valued content for the audience.


Attendance must be confirmed Tel . 93 207 40 35 or 

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Own activity
Les claus de la comunicaciˇ cultural. Vols ser notÝcia i gestionar amb Ŕxit la teva imatge?
06.10. 2015 / 10:00-14:00
sala d'actes

Tradicionalment els mitjans de comunicació han estat cabdals per a la difusió i coneixement de qualsevol expressió artística. Les relacions entre els professionals de la comunicació i de l'àmbit cultural han estat molt estretes. Actualment les coses estan canviant i les redaccions – tant de diaris com de mitjans audiovisuals - s'han vist immerses en grans canvis i han nascut nous mitjans.
Vols saber què està passant als mitjans de comunicació? Com ha canviat la gestió de la comunicació cultural? Com pots fer del teu projecte una notícia? Com has d’actuar en cas d’una mala notícia o crisi comunicativa? Quines estratègies creatives tens a l’abast per destacar entre tantes accions i iniciatives culturals com hi ha avui dia?
Les activitats del SDE van adreçades exclusivament als professionals de la creació i les empreses culturals / amb inscripció / aforament 100 places.
*si encara no ets membre del SDE registra’t aquí per poder accedir a les nostres activitats.

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Activity related
El personatge infinit, de Jaume AnglŔs
08.10.2015 - 10.01.2016

Without any academic training, and totally isolated from the established world of painting and illustration, but for those in the know, a certain touch that reminds you of anything from the Max and Crumb comics to the imagery of Ponç, Miró, Haring or the first Tàpies. The life of Jaume Anglès, through the free, firm strokes of his drawing, reveals that reality is incomprehensible when tackled head on. Only from the globalized, revolved, multiplied, fragmented and crushed image of the vestiges of the most immediate and spontaneous local immersion (pre-olympic Barcelona, the Kike Bar of the eighties, the falling of the twin towers, his study full of traces of life and dictionaries), the sight over and beyond the accommodating Establishment emerges and is filled with red hot life.

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JOYA Barcelona
Art Jewellery Fair
08, 09 i 10.10.2015 / 11:00-14:00 i 16:00-21:00
cloister and lecture room

JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair is the most important art jewellery event in Spain, which brings together a large number of independent artists and different enterprises related to jewellery.
This event goes beyond the boundaries of a mere exhibition for students, artists or galleries. JOYA, an event addressed to professionals in the sector and to the general public, is also a national and international platform attracting significant media attention as well as collaboration from galleries and other events in the sector.
This year, the jury selected 47 artists based on the originality and innovation of their work, and on the use of new technologies and experimentation with new materials.
In this edition there will be artists from Germany, Austria, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, China, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, USA and United Kingdom.
It will be one of the most spectacular editions due to the high artistic level of the participants and the presence of a very important permanent collection, JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair and the Design Museum. In a bid to boost art jewellery in the city “Bijoux en Jeu”  have the honour to host the exposition, based on the permanent collection of the 
Musée de Design et D`Arts Appliqués Contemporains (MUDAC) and the Swiss Confederation that will be sponsored by Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Arts Council.
As every year, we will also have the OFF JOYA circuit, comprising 15 expositions in the main galleries and cultural spaces in the city.

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Activity related
Arts Santa M˛nica

Thursday October 8th, 2015 at 7pm; exhibition's openening Figures of the split: Puppets, Machines and Marionettes

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My classic
FRANCESC SER╔S: Conference 'The Life and Times of J.M. Coetzee'
13.10.2015 / 19:30 h

John Maxwell Coetzee was born in South Africa in 1940. He has published novels, literary memoirs and several parts of his autobiography, portraying a life that represents the concerns of 20th and 21st century people. His work has been marked by the ethnic conflict caused by the segregationist policy of apartheid. Far from being anecdotal, this enables a category to form, which becomes a symbol of the relationships of power and other forms of inequality and domination around the world.

Streaming at

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In conjunction with
CultHunting LAB: Open Art Innovation
13.10.2015 / 16:00 h
lecture room

The CultHunting LABS are a way of experimenting first-hand how the transforming power of art and culture help to boost businesses. On this occasion we are presenting Open Art Innovation, a new way of working on innovative solutions. In this workshop, we will be working on an open innovation process in which we will set out a fictitious challenge, but one that is very close to the needs of those present. With the help of two artists / thinkers, they will encourage us to re-focus the challenge from an artistic viewpoint, in order to provide new solutions. All thanks to artistic techniques that inspire our creative thoughts. 
Addressed to company directors

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In conjunction with
6th Philosophical Seminars
WHY DO WE WORK? Striving for new working ideals
14, 15 and 16.10.2015
CCCB, Arts Santa M˛nica and Institut francŔs

In the 6th of these Philosophical Seminars, we intend to address an issue that is undeniably, a fundamental one; a transversal issue because it affects us all at different levels: the question of work. Here we want to ask ourselves, why do we work?
Looking closely, this question is not a rhetorical one that has a logical answer. Who would dare reply, “I work because I have to” or “I only work for money”, and be satisfied with that? In short, the aim of these seminars is to examine the nature of work and clearly present the concepts that still make up, to a great degree, our idea of work. These concepts actually no longer correspond to the reality of contemporary capitalism: employed/unemployed, producer/consumer, employee/freelance, etc. So which new categories correspond to an ideal phenomenology of work today? Which new subjects surrounding work should be identified in order to implement an efficient and transforming anti-capitalist policy?
1st session......... WHY DO WE WORK?
14.10.2015 / CCCB. Montalegre, 5 Barcelona
7pm - 7:15pm Presentation of the 6th Philosophical Seminars Xavier Bassas and Felip Martí-Jufresa
7pm - 7:15pm Conference: Cristina Carrasco (feminist economist Univer. of Bcn), Yann Moulier-Boutang (philosopher, economist)

8:30pm – 9pm   Debate with the audience
2nd session......... OCCUPATIONAL affects and effects
15.10.2015 / Arts Santa Mònica La Rambla, 7 Barcelona
4pm – 5:15pm Sindillar (Karina Fulladosa: syndicate for cleaners), Gerard Horta (anthropologist, poet, trade unionist), Daniela Aparicio (psychoanalyst)

Debate and music break
5:30pm - 6:30pm Francesc Serés (anthropologist, writer), J.-L Martín Ramos (historian, about laze -P. Lafargue)  

Debate and music break
6:45pm – 9pm  Expo's curators: “Ne travaillez jamais” (ADN), Benjamin Paré (artist), 
Debate and music break
Carles Guerra (essayist, art commissioner), Maurizio Lazzarato (philosopher)

3rd session......... WORK HETEROTOPIAS
16.10.2015 / Institut Francés – c/ Moià, 8. Barcelona
6pm – 9pm
Volem rien foutre al païs (107’, 2006), Pierre Carles, Christophe Coello, Stéphane Goxe
Round table with Christophe Coello, Maurizio Lazzarato and Ingrid Guardiola
9pm Closing of the 6th Philosophical Seminars

imatge activitat
Cicle HAMACA a l'Arts Santa M˛nica
14.10.2015 / 19:00 h

El quinto evangelio
de Alberto Gracia amb la presentació a càrrec de Mauro Herce, guanyador del Premi Especial del Jurat en el Festival de Locarno per la seva película “Dead slow ahead”.

El quinto evangelio de Gaspar Hauser
Nou episodi de les peripècies del 'enfant sauvage' Gaspar Hauser, acompanyat del seu inseparable i “bienquerido” cavallet de fusta. Subjecte impossible, Gaspar té en aquesta ocasió la personalitat fragmentada en cinc personatges arquetípics: un nan sadomasoquista, una seductora donzella, un tipus cínic i dèspota, un mariner romàntic i un batman patètic, encarnat aquest últim pel mateix director de la pel·lícula. Un antiheroi de bata i sabatilles, fumador compulsiu, reflex de la inadaptació en què està ficat l'home decebut, l'home que pensa, l'home que és d'aquest món sense ser.

Sobre el realitzador.
ALBERTO GRACIA (Ferrol, 1978) va estudiar a la Facultat de Belles Arts de Pontevedra, on va cursar l'especialitat d'escultura. Va realitzar exposicions en diferents països del món. La seva obra participa d'eines com la pintura, el dibuix, la performance, el vídeo i la instal·lació.
Interessat en l'estètica, va publicar al desembre de 2010 el seu primer llibre d'assaig titulat "Microfugues, Teoria i joc de la profanació" a l'editorial Arestes Martínez. A més, ha participat des de llavors en projectes d'investigació com Grid Spinoza (2011), i en conferències i taules rodones en relació al tema.
La seva primera incursió en el cinema és Microfugues (2008), curtmetratge rodat en 16mm. El quinto evangelio de Gaspar Hauser és el seu primer llargmetratge.
Festivals i Premis
Rotterdam International Film Festival (2013), Premio FIPRESCI, Festival Cinemateca Uruguaya (Uruguay), Cinema Latino Festival - Tübingen (Alemania), Festival Lima Independiente (Perú), Ars Independent Film Festival (Polonia), Valdivia (Chile), Athens Avant-Garde Film Festival (Grecia), Viennale (Austria), Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla, Cineuropa Santiago de Compostela

Sobre el presentador
Mauro Herce, nascut a Barcelona el 1976, graduat en enginyeria i belles arts abans d'inscriure a l'escola de cinema a l'Escola Internacional de Cinema i TV de San Antonio dels Banys (Cuba) i l'Escola Nacional Superior Louis-Lumière a París. Va començar la seva carrera com a director de fotografia i guionista de pel·lícules com Ocaso (2010), Arraianos (2012), A puerta fría (2012), El quinto evangelio de Gaspar Hauser (2014) i Slimane (2013). Dead slow ahead (2015), el seu primer llargmetratge com a director, es va estrenar al Festival de Cinema de Locarno, on va guanyar el Premi Especial del Jurat.

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Activity related
El solar de l'estraperlo
19 - 25.10.2015
Residence area

Jomi Oligor, Xavi Bobés and Shaday Larios, El solar de l’estraperlo - El barrio chino de Barcelona a través de sus objetos.

A projectcreated to make plays out of realia that come from fieldwork relating topeople, their belongings and the History of the Neighbourhood that they livein. Objects that tell their own story. ElSolar del Estraperlo was created to explore the relationship between theseobjects, personal and collective memory, the neighbourhood and the city.

In El solar del Estraperlo, two words arecombined to represent and synthesize the main part of this project. On onehand, working in places which have been made invisible, are unnoticed, oralready destroyed, and on the other, working on all the possible narrationsthat can be made from an object that is traded, acquired, worn out, recycled ormoved in time and space until it ends up in a given area, a unique memory, anda specific route within a Neighbourhood.

This firstintervention is based on Barcelona’s China Town and its NeigbourhoodAssociation: “Barcelona’s China Town portrayed through its objects.”


The exhibition “Figures del desdoblement” (Bendy Figures), part of the “if Festival”, is the ideal environment to help new creators linked to theatre and working with objects develop their projects.

imatge activitat
In conjunction with
My classic
LLU═S-ANTON BAULENAS: "El Capote mÚs mÓgic: L'arpa d'herba"
27.10.2015 / 19:30 h

“L’arpa d’herba” [The Grass Harp”]
made an impression on me right from the very beginning while I was reading it. Later, when I started writing, this is the book that I always had at the forefront of my mind. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the fact that it shows how realist literature can unexpectedly change direction to become magic realism, without breaking the unity of its narrative, but actually complementing it and then simply convert back to narrative “normality” just like that. Secondly, it shows how a relatively short novel centred around a clearly local setting in the south of the United States, can become universal through the humanity of its characters and of the story.

Lluís-Anton Baulenas

streaming at

imatge activitat
In conjunction with
MIRA Live Visual Arts Festival
Conferences, Concerts, Events
30 and 31.10.2015
cloister and balcony

The MIRA festival is an exhibition of new creations of visual art on an international scale, which generates unique symbiosis, transmission of knowledge and opportunities through the collaboration between visual artists and musicians.  
It is a cultural event based on three key interconnected areas: exhibition, exposure, and education.
The Festival promotes events in the city of Barcelona by combining unique areas and architectural interest as places in which to create cultural initiatives such as concerts, events, conferences and workshops, and where technological innovation is the key element behind the different artistic practices.
MIRA encourages collaboration, enables the creation of new projects and provides support between groups, associations and artists connected to the field of visual arts.
The main aim of the activities that make up the MIRA festival at Arts Santa Mònica, is the exposure of the relations between visual arts, music, and technology in different areas. Being able to discover, inspire and demonstrate, through concerts, events, and conferences, new tendencies and creations in this discipline, which has become a new artistic trend.
Arts Santa Mònica together with MIRA will become a space in which the audience can discover a genuine sensorial experience.

imatge activitat
Activity related
Figures del desdoblament. IF Barcelona
Programaciˇ d'espectacles familiars
31.10 - 13.12.2015
2a planta "La Plaša" i claustre

L’exposició Figures del Desdoblament, emmarcada en l’IF Festival, ofereix un cicle d’espectacles dedicats als més petits de la casa:
31.10 i 01.11.2015 / 12:00 h
Eugenio Navarro, El Patufet.
Espai "La plaça" exposició
A partir de 3 anys

Preu: 8,00€ (consultar descomptes) compra de tickets a

En Patufet és un nen molt petit. Però que molt molt petit. Tant petit que dorm en una llauna de sardines. Tant petit que es pot amagar a sota d’una col. Tant petit que els seus pares tenen por de que si va pel carrer no el vegin i... xaf!, el deixin fet un nyap.
Però en Patufet no és només molt petit... també és molt espavilat, molt valent i molt tossut.
Per això convencerà a la seva mare que el deixi anar a comprar safrà a la botiga d’en Josepet i a portar el menjar al seu pare que està treballant en el camp. Aixó sí, sempre cantant la seva cançó.
Aquest matí, al aixecar-se,en Patufet ho ha vist claríssim: avui serà un dia ple d’aventures.


21 i 22.11.2015 /12:00 h
Pupella-Noguès, Le miroir aux fourmis (El mirall de les formigues).
Espai "La plaça" exposició
A partir de 3 anys

Preu: 8,00€ (consultar descomptes) compra de tickets a

Un espectacle que parla, amb humor i frescor, del món que ens rodeja, marcat pel ritme del temps que va passant, de les quatre estacions, del passatge del dia a la nit, amb malicia i impertinència. L’escriptura escènica resta oberta i en suspensió posant en evidencia els efectes fulminants de la paraula i de les seves ressonàncies. Un titellaire rondinaire, un músic somniador i un manipulador de fils són els guies maliciosos de l’espectacle.
5 i 6.12.2015 / 12:00 h
Mercè Framis, Xarop de cargol. Poemes i cançons contra els mals dels més petits
Claustre Arts Santa Mònica
A partir de 3 anys

Preu: 8,00€ (consultar descomptes) compra de tickets a
La Clara és el personatge principal d’aquesta història. És una heroïna molt petita que, com a nena que és, s’ho passa molt bé quan juga amb la seva mascota (una cabreta) i amb la seva joguina (una pilota). La Clara —tot i ser molt menuda i tenir una aparença fràgil, fins i tot de joguina—, com els adults, dedica bona part del seu temps a la seva feina. La Clara és metgessa, cada matí surt de casa i condueix la seva ambulància fins a l’hospital, on atén els seus pacients.
És una doctora molt especial i amb un cor molt gran. Amb grans dosis d’amor i amb poemes i cançons fàcils de recordar —un recurs molt utilitzat per Mercè Framis en els seus espectacles infantils—, la Clara elabora, cada dia, els remeis màgics amb què guareix moltes de les afliccions que sovint comparteixen els més petits: la tristesa, la manca d’habilitat per vestir-se, la inapetència, el mal de panxa...
L’espectacle vol transmetre la idea que l’amistat i l’amor tenen propietats curatives i que tots, com la Clara, podem ser metges dels nostres familiars, amics i companys.
12 i 13.12.2015 / 12:00 h
Pea Green Boat, The shoe tree (L'arbre de les sabates).
Espai "La plaça" exposició
A partir de 3 anys

Preu: 8,00€ (consultar descomptes) compra de tickets a

En Tim no pot trobar la seva sabata esquerra enlloc. La busca a tot arreu, fins que el Sr. Grey li diu que probablement la pot trobar en un arbre de les sabates. Tim segueix les instruccions de l’home i surt a la recerca de la sabata. Quan finalment troba l'arbre de les sabates, s'adona que és un arbre molt especial. L'arbre de les sabates pot concedir-li uns desitjos! En Tim demana que li torni la seva sabata, un coet i al seu amic en Tom. L’arbre li concedeix els 3 desitjos, i quan en Tim troba el seu amic en Tom, descobreix que ell també acaba de perdre la sabata perquè la marea li ha pres. En Tim és molt feliç de poder portar en Tom a l'arbre de les sabates on està convençut que en Tom trobarà les seves sabates.